February Beauty Faves

Having lived a previous life of being a Beauty Therapist and Make Up artist, I am card carrying self confessed product addict!! If a new product is buzzing I-am-on-it! It doesn’t mean I buy it and it most certainly doesn’t mean I’m looking like I’m wearing them! But I do research!… I do weed out the “fads” and I eventually buy the ones worthy of a seal of approval.

My “Oily” hair was somewhat of a lifelong battle. I have oily hair. That was it. I wash and blow-dry my hair daily. What a pain in the ass! (As I write this I now begin to wonder what sounds more dirty, oily or greasy, but, as Sabrina from New Hair Revolution would say!… “O-I-L-Y HAIR , you have Oily hair!”). Alas…. que said Sabrina’s Snapchat rant and my.life.changed.for.the.better! 20 odd years of washing my hair daily and one product changed all that… Alphaparf Balancing Shampoo! This stuff is amazing!!! I now get 2-3 days from my blowdry (MY being the operative word; my self blowdried hair, don’t be getting notions of me in a hairdressers every few days)! Anyway , It’s what my hair dreams have been waiting for! (FYI It does leave the hair sqqqqquuuueeeakkkkky clean, I describe it as ‘draggy’, that’s about as technical as the description is going to get… so to combat this, I always quickly brush my conditioner lightly through for a few seconds with a tangle teaser just to loosen out any tangles at the scalp. )

Sticking with the haircare, my absolute fave conditioner is the KPak Colour Therapy Conditoner by Joico. Ive been using it for ages now and never have any issues with the condition of my hair, if I slack and pick up a supermarket brand every now and then I notice a massive difference!! I also have the mask and use that regularly too! Joico is an amazing brand. It’s the highest quality haircare but yet, the price point won’t make you actually tear like its competitors!

Movvvving swiftly along to my favourite find of 2018 so far!!! In a world full of; “To Peel or not to Peel”. “Manually exfoliate, no, cosmetically exfoliate”. “Professional skincare v luxury skincare!” It’s all a bit of a headwreck…. what I do know is I bought Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner recently and it has , nearly, transformed my dull blotchy complexion. I always buy big when I buy skincare but this is the only item I’ve ever bought that I’ve instantly seen noticeable difference, and at a fraction of the cost of my normal buys. My skin is hydrated, clear and my uneven skin tone is definitely improving, dare I say, I even look a bit glowy! I don’t care who’s saying what, I’m using this on my mug and it’s working like a dream baby!…

My next find will have you smelling like a Refresher Bar!… in a very good way. Dr Hauschka Lemongrass Body Milk is going to be your best summer body lotion if you decide to purchase. It’s light, it dries quickly, doesn’t stick to delicate clothes and does what it’s supposed to, keeps your skin hydrated!! It’s the most refreshing lemongrass smell and instantly makes you feel invigorated! It makes me long for summer. Believe me, your skin will thank you. Disclaimer:My children did sniff me, asking was I eating sweets, they do that, it’s for another days story though….

Last but not least! What mom can be without a concealer? Not me, although I’ve half gone past the caring stage, there are those couple of days a week when life is more hectic than getting out the door with concealer on! However, on the days that I do manage I find this Maybelline Eye Erase so handy! I leave a few around the place, and blend them out on high colour areas if I suddenly need to pop in somewhere that requires me to look human! Viola!! In car essential.

I will try to bring a few products to you all every month or so, but let’s just see how this blog world goes first!! Oh yeah, did I mention this is my first “blog post”!!? Here comes the cringe bit! If you like what your reading and want more, you will find me on my Instagram or Facebook @theschoolgateadventure ! If you could give the pages a like that would be SHAMAZING! Sharing is caring and all the jazz!

Have a great week x


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